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Sunflower seed oil is a popular edible oil. In the recent global vegetable oil market, the output and growth rate of sunflower seed oil are rising, ranking at the forefront. The content of some nutrients in sunflower seed oil is very high, especially vitamins, linoleic acid (about 70%), and so on. About sunflower seed oil benefits, it can reduce serum cholesterol level, triglyceride level, and blood pressure. Moreover, the sunflower seed oil is light and transparent, can retain natural food flavor when cooking, with less oil fume. As an experienced sunflower oil manufacturer, we provide many types of sunflower oil press machines, especially the sunflower oil cold press. Our customers have spread to more and more countries, such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc. Sunflower oil cold press has been one of our popular products.

Sunflower oil extractor types

Our sunflower oil machines mainly include hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. There are two pressing methods: cold pressing and hot pressing. Hot pressing has a high oil yield and good taste, but it can cause nutrient loss. Cold pressing can preserve the original nutrition of sunflower seeds, but the oil output is not as high as hot pressing.

Sunflower oil cold press (hydraulic oil press)

The hydraulic oil press squeezes the sunflower oil by using the pressure of hydraulic oil. During the pressing, it does not cause high temperature. The final oil keeps the natural flavor and bright color. The output can be up to 400kg/h. The sunflower oil cold press is also suitable for pressing the oil crops, such as sesame, olives, almonds, rapeseed, walnuts, pine seed, camellia seeds, macadamia nuts, etc. The oil extraction rate depends on different raw materials.

hydraulic oil press
hydraulic oil press

Screw press sunflower oil extractor

The screw oil press squeezes out sunflower seed oil through a screw shaft. It can be used for both hot pressing and cold pressing. For hot pressing, the raw materials should be roasted first. For cold pressing, it does not need to roast the raw materials. The screw press machine has a high oil extraction ratio and automatic temperature control function. The oil yield is high and the output reaches up to 600kg/h or more. The screw oil press machine has wide application, suitable for peanuts, palm, soybeans, rapeseed, and other materials.

screw type oil expeller
screw type oil expeller

The sunflower oil cold press can be connected with oil filters, the sunflower oil refinery machine in the oil pressing production line.

Health benefits of sunflow seed oil

  • Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and have no cholesterol, which is conducive to reducing the blood cholesterol level of the body and maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Other nutritional elements like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium are of high content, so that sunflower seeds can be helpful for preventing anemia and other diseases. Sunflower seeds contain twice as much iron as dried blueberries and peanut kernels.
  • Sunflower seed is an excellent source of Vitamin E.
sunflower seed oil
sunflower seed oil

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