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Refined oil equipment


The small refined oil equipment is suitable for small-scale oil mills. It is specially designed for small oil refining and oil-refining complete sets of units, and realizes dephosphorization, degumming, deacidification, dehydration and decolorization integrated flow operations, thus realizing large-scale refinery miniaturization and industrial refining and civilian use. The refined oil can reach the level of edible oil of the second grade or above, and can be filled and sold directly.




Main process of refining equipment:

Raw oil–degumming (water washing)–deacidification (alkali refining)

–dephosphorization (acid refining)–decolorization (white soil

adsorption)–dehydration (heating and drying)–Edible oil



Main feathers:

  1. It adopts food grade stainless steel material and is polished.
  2. simple design, exquisite appearance.
  3. The operation data is all displayed by the instrument, the operation is simple, and the operation is safe; the ordinary staff can work on the machine after the telephone training.
  4. It can realize dephosphorization, de-alkali and dehydration functions of oil products, and can also perform constant temperature decolorization according to user needs.












Main parameters:

Model TZ-50 TZ-75A TZ-75B
Capacity 30kg/h 100kg/h 130kg/h
Motor Power 1.5kw 3kw 4.5kw
Power 5kw 10kw 15kw
Number of cans 1 2 3
Volume 75kg 250kg 250kg
Diameter 500mm 750mm 750mm
Weight 140kg 280kg 350kg
Dimension 1500*680*1400mm 3000*830*1700mm 3900*830*1700mm




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