Walnut oil press machine

Walnut Oil Press Machine

Walnut oil is an edible vegetable oil that uses walnut kernels as raw materials and is physically pressed. With the walnut oil cold press machine, the final walnut oil can well preserve the nutrients and has good color and flavor.

Avocado oil cold press machine

avocado oil cold press machine

The avocado oil press machine is hydraulic oil press machine, with a variety of capacities, high efficiency and oil quality, suitable for small and medium-sized oil processing workshops or factories.

Palm Oil Refinery Machine

palm oil refinery machinery

Palm oil refinery machine makes high-grade edible oil from crude palm oil, suitable for small, medium, or large palm oil processing units. Refined palm oil is almost transparent colorless in the liquid state and almost white in the solid-state.

Cocoa Butter Press Machine

cocoa butter press machine

A cocoa butter press machine is designed to cold press cocoa oil from cocoa mass or cocoa liquor with high efficiency.