Daily matters needing attention in soybean oil press operation

Soybean oil press normal oil, to maintain a uniform feed, do not too much or too little or cut idling. At this point the oil press load is normal, smooth operation, sound rhythm. The bread smooth, low pressure section of basic slag, high pressure section has a small amount of sludge, but not greater than …

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Daily maintenance of soybean oil press

Soybean oil is rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid (linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid in human body, which has important physiological functions. Children lack linoleic acid, the skin becomes dry, scales thicken, growth retardation; The elderly lack linoleic acid, can cause cataracts and cardiovascular disease. The crude soybean oil has a beany taste, …

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The working characteristics of screw oil press

The multi-function screw oil extractor is mainly composed of full-automatic electric control, infrared heating, vacuum filtration, and the main machine is made up of high-quality materials. Its advanced processing and production have improved the oil output rate and the performance has reached the international advanced level. For all the customers who buy multi-functional oil press, …

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Screw oil press machine | oil mill machine manufacturer

Screw oil press machine

he screw oil press is suitable for pressing almost all raw oil seeds and nuts, including peanuts, soybeans, sesame, walnut, corn, olive, coconut, palm, rapeseed, tea seed, sunflower seed, okra, hemp, flax, cottonseed, and others. We are an oil mill machine manufacturer with over 10 years of industrial experience. Our screw cooking oil presses have been sold to a large number of countries.

Soybean oil press, how to make soybeans

The US region is the main soybean producing area. How to make money with soybean oil press machine is a problem that many users are very concerned about. Under normal circumstances, the oil yield of soybeans is only about 15-18%. Therefore, if you only rely on selling oil, the profit is very small. So how …

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