Canola oil press | rapeseed oil press machine for sale

canola oil cold press

Canola oil press is designed to extract oil from rape plants. Canola oil, also known as rapeseed oil, is a golden and bright, slightly transparent viscous liquid. It is commonly used in the cooking of all kinds of dishes, as one of the main oil crops in the world. Our canola oil press has two types: the canola screw press and the canola oil cold press machine, which can realize both hot pressing and cold pressing.

Edible oil plate filter | plate and frame oil filter

Edible oil plate filter

The edible oil plate filter is a kind of equipment used to filter edible oil. The plate and frame oil filter can remove solid impurities and water from the oil. In the food processing industry, the edible oil plate filter can be used together with an oil press machine. It can also be used to filter water and impurities in transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, diesel oil, aviation hydraulic oil, and so on.