What is the difference between the secondary press and the third press of the oil press

The oil extraction rate and quality of the oil press machine are not related to several levels of pressing. The secondary and third-stage presses of the oil press should not be so different.

Plate and frame oil filter 9
The general oil press is divided into 3 levels, the first level is the propulsion level, the second season is the oil level, and the third level is the cake level. That is to say, for the first time, the raw material is pushed into the pressing squeezing. The pressing shaft is from the big to the small, and the thinning is thinner, so the greater the friction, the greater the pressure required, and the raw material is in the squeezing When the pressure is increased, the oil is basically finished, so that the oil is finished, and the distance between the third-stage spiral and the sugar is narrower, which raises the condition of the cake. From the structure, it will be divided into three levels of spiral, so it is called three-stage squeeze. There is a squeeze port in the middle between the first stage and the second stage, and there is a squeeze port in the middle between the second stage and the third stage, and then a cake outlet, so it is called level 6, which is actually wrong.
The secondary press is only one high pressure round row (wide round row), two pressure points. The three-stage press is only two high-pressure circular rows (wide round rows) and three pressure points. The four-stage press is only three high-pressure circular rows (wide round rows) and four pressure points. Generally higher is the four-stage press, there is no higher number, if the manufacturer has it, it may be the manufacturer’s propaganda method.

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