Taizy oil press

The oil press refers to a machine that squeezes oil out of the oil by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules by means of mechanical external force.
Peanut is a kind of crop with high oil content. Its internal oil is surrounded by a closed film in the form of spheres or granules. In the process of external extrusion, this film ruptures together with the cell wall. Peanut oil It flows out of the crack; during the extrusion process, the oil in the peanut is partially extruded, the peanut becomes brittle and hard, and the original elasticity is lost; while the peanut red contains more fiber, after applying pressure, with the peanut The surface is separated, so that the peanut red dress is easy to fall off; during the extrusion process, the peanut is subjected to pressure rather than shearing force, so there is no broken kernel phenomenon, and it is easy to restore the original state; according to the fat content requirement, different pressures are respectively applied. . Degreased peanuts with different effects can be obtained.

Centrifugal oil filter1

Process requirements: the degreasing rate of peanuts is more than 50%; the peanuts are intact without granules, there is no adhesion between peanuts, and the peanuts are easy to fall off. The important factor affecting the degreasing effect is water. The secondary factor is time. The best condition for achieving the degreasing effect is 4.52%–7.26%. (The moisture exceeding the standard affects the oil yield and the moisture is too dry, which may cause the high breaking rate of Huasheng.)
Peanut oil production process
Peanut kernel – temperature controlled drying – raw material package – pressure – defatted peanut kernel
in conclusion
Under certain conditions of pressure, certain moisture, certain temperature and time, peanuts can be pressed with a hydraulic oil press to obtain apricot yellow, original flavor, fragrant smell, pure peanut oil and degreasing effect. Peanuts.

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