Power small oil press

The small oil press has two spirals with teeth, strong conveying capacity, high breaking rate and high pressure. It is suitable for high-temperature and low-temperature one-time pressing of various oil seeds, and the residual oil rate is extremely low. High-strength design, high-quality steel manufacturing, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, low failure rate.

Small oil press performance characteristics:
1. High oil yield: adopting directional pressure, multi-stage propulsion, one-time squeezing, and the oil yield is greatly improved.
2, the production volume is large: strengthen the feeding system, increase the speed of advancement, and effectively improve work efficiency.
3, automatic temperature control: electronic program control, scientific heating, automatic control of the pressing temperature.
4, automatic oil filter: the use of air negative pressure principle, the use of vacuum shunt technology, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effectively separated.
5, safe and convenient: compact structure, occupying less space; the transmission system uses fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation.
6, beautiful and generous: the machine is made of the latest material electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, greasy, high temperature resistance.
7. Durable: It is scientifically matched with high-quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue castings, and its performance is stable, ensuring that the equipment can work continuously for a long time.

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