When the hydraulic presser can be purchased again, the business staff explained to the customer the operating procedures of some hydraulic presses. Stir the sesame first and then put it into the hydraulic press, cover the lid of the hydraulic press, and then squeeze, because the silo of the hydraulic press is closed and squeezed. At this time, there will be doubts from the user. The hydraulic oil press will have hot material inside it when it is squeezed, and it will be squeezed, which will not explode. Listening to this sentence means that it is a novice, and does not understand the machine. Our sales staff began to explain that this hydraulic oil press will not explode, there is a strip of gap around the silo for oil, and if there is air, it will be squeezed out. The hot air and oil are removed from the gap so that he does not have air pressure so there is no explosion, just like a balloon. You give him a big hole in the top, and if you blow it inside, can you blow the ball? Therefore, the multi-function hydraulic oil press does not explode and is safe.

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