Palm Oil Screw Press Machine

palm oil screw press machine

A palm oil screw press can efficiently extract palm oil to the greatest extent, which meets the market demand for palm oil extraction.

Sesame Oil Expeller Machine

Sesame Oil Expeller Machine 2

Sesame oil expeller machine, also known as automatic hydraulic oil press, is an advanced cold oil extraction machine. Featuring simple operation, high oil yield, and maintaining the natural flavor of the oil, the sesame oil cold press machine is ideal equipment replacing the manual oil mill.

Canola Oil Press | Rapeseed Oil Press Machine For Sale

canola oil press

The canola oil press is designed to extract oil from rapeseed plants. Our canola oil extraction machine has two types: canola screw press and canola oil cold press machine, which can achieve both hot pressing and cold pressing.

sunflower seed roaster machine

sunflower seed roaster machine

The sunflower seed roaster machine uses electric heating or gas heating to roast batches of sunflower seeds. The multifunctional sunflower seed roaster can also roast other nuts and seeds like peanuts, sesame, almonds, walnuts, etc.

Hydraulic flax seed oil extractor

flax seed oil extractor

The flax seed oil extractor is a kind of hydraulic oil extraction machine to physically cold press the flax seed to obtain linseed oil.

Profitable soybean oil refinery plant 100KG-10TPD

soybean oil refinery plant

Many people value the prospect of soybean oil refinery plant, and tend to invest in the soybean oil refining industry. After hydration and degumming in the refining oil equipment process, free fatty acids in the oil, pigments and impurities in the oil, special odor, etc., can be removed, and the refined oil with bright color can be obtained.