Sesame Oil Expeller Machine

Sesame Oil Expeller Machine 2

Sesame oil expeller machine, also known as automatic hydraulic oil press, is an advanced cold oil extraction machine. Featuring simple operation, high oil yield, and maintaining the natural flavor of the oil, the sesame oil cold press machine is ideal equipment replacing the manual oil mill.

Canola Oil Press | Rapeseed Oil Press Machine For Sale

canola oil press

The canola oil press is designed to extract oil from rapeseed plants. Our canola oil extraction machine has two types: canola screw press and canola oil cold press machine, which can achieve both hot pressing and cold pressing.

Hydraulic flax seed oil extractor

flax seed oil extractor

The flax seed oil extractor is a kind of hydraulic oil extraction machine to physically cold press the flax seed to obtain linseed oil.

Corn Oil Extraction machine | Maize Germ Oil Press Machine

corn oil extraction machine

The corn oil extraction machine, also known as screw oil press machine, is used for the mechanical pressing of corn germ oil. The corn germ oil press machine adopts directional pressure bearing and multi-stage propulsion to realize high oil yield.

Coconut Oil Extraction Machine

Coconut Oil Extraction Machine

Coconut oil, made from dried coconut or fresh coconut pulp, is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. The production of coconut oil by coconut oil press machines can bring economic value to enterprises.

Olive oil cold press machine

hydraulic olive oil press machine

As an experienced hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer, we offer professional hydraulic olive oil cold press machine. Hydraulic oil press uses hydraulic liquid as medium to press the material, so as to achieve the purpose of cold oil press.