Daily matters needing attention in soybean oil press operation

Soybean oil press normal oil, to maintain a uniform feed, do not too much or too little or cut idling. At this point the oil press load is normal, smooth operation, sound rhythm. The bread smooth, low pressure section of basic slag, high pressure section has a small amount of sludge, but not greater than …

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Daily maintenance of soybean oil press

Soybean oil is rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid (linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid in human body, which has important physiological functions. Children lack linoleic acid, the skin becomes dry, scales thicken, growth retardation; The elderly lack linoleic acid, can cause cataracts and cardiovascular disease. The crude soybean oil has a beany taste, …

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High-efficient sunflower oil press machine for sale

sunflower oil press 1

The sunflower oil press is suitable for extracting oil from sunflower seeds. As a professional sunflower oil press machine manufacturer, we provide quality screw oil press machine and all-around service, and have delivered our machines to a large number of countries.

Soybean oil press

Soybean oil mill also called soya bean oil mill, soybean oil press is the introduction of international advanced technology, and grain and oil machinery experts at home and abroad work together to develop a new generation of energy saving oil equipment, conform to the department of agriculture agricultural technology requirements and standards of soybean oil …

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