Sunflower thresher

Application of sunflower seeds thresher: The oil sunflower seeds thresher is capable of perfectly separating the oil sunflower kernels from the stems. The small household sunflower seeds thresher has simple operation, high seed removal rate, and complete separation without damaging the seeds. Technical Data of sunflower seeds thresher: Model TZ-500 Capacity 1500-2500pieces/h Net weight 25kg Dimension 60*63*75cm Speed 1400r/min Net ratio >98% Broken ratio <0.1% Main …

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Peanut sheller

Application of peanut sheller: The process of peanut oil extraction can be divided into the following parts: peanut shelling-peanut baking-peanut extracting oil, which are the three main parts. Next we are going to talk about the part of the shell – the peanut sheller. Peanut shelling machine is specially designed for peeling peanuts. Working principles of peanut …

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