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Cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) is known as a reddish brown sticky liquid extracted from the cashew nutshell. The cashew nut has a one-eighth-inch-thick shell with a delicate honey comb structure containing viscous liquid. Cashew nutshell liquid is a natural phenol, with its special chemical structure, used as industrial raw materials. CNSL has unique properties that allow it to be transformed into specialty compounds and high-value polymer. Our company, with years of industrial experience of producing nut processing machine, is a professional cashew nutshell liquid machine manufacturer. Our screw type expeller offers an efficient solution for CNSL extraction.

Cashew nutshell and liquid
Cashew nutshell and liquid

Cashew nutshell liquid machine features

1. A wide range of applications. Cold pressing and hot pressing can be realized in the screw oil pressing machine. It has wide application in the extraction of a variety of raw materials.

2. Extraction ratio of cashew nutshell liquid is high. The dry nutshell cakes have a low residual percentage. The screw oil extractor is capable of extracting the maximum amount of oil or other liquid from the raw material. The liquid output is high by using the automated oil press.

3. High-efficiency manufacturing. The vacuum oil filtering system guarantees can filter the liquid at the same time, increasing production efficiency.

4. Simple to use and fair design.

5. Useful cashew nut shell cake. Useful cashew nut shell cakes are the left material after extracting cashew shell liquid with a cashew nutshell liquid machine. The nut shell cake, as a fuel by industrial units, is a suitable fuel for high heat requirements.

Cashew nutshell liquid machine
Cashew nutshell liquid machine

Main operation of screw press machine

1.Properly adjust the screw so that the squeezing screw’s conical surface presses against the conical surface of the cake outlet. Tighten the nut after turning the screw clockwise.

2. Set the temperature by using the controller on the oil expeller machine’s electrical control panel. Depending on the properties of the oil raw material, set the appropriate temperature (150-200 degrees Celsius).

3. To start the main unit, rotate the main unit button. The screw shaft should rotate in a counterclockwise manner.

4. Place the processed material in the screw oil expeller extraction’s intake, and the screw press will push the material forward and squeeze the oil out.

screw oil press machine

Other application

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