Almond shelling machine

Description of the Almond shelling machine:

1.Almond sheller machine is mainly used for shelling various of hard shell nuts,such as almond,hazelnuts,pistachio,etc.

2.Almond shelling machine has the feed hopper, the stripe roller, the shed bar, the gravity separator, the fan and so on.

3.Almond  huller machine’s structure is simple and compact, the operation is simple, the performance is stable, the safety and the durability are good.

4.Customers can adjust the clearance to get a better breaking performance, based on specific requirement.

Working principle:

The single-grade Almond sheller machine is a simple device for shelling almond kernels. It has a single-stage shell and adjustable gap. After the almond is poured into the machine and the shell is broken, there is a part of the small almond kernel that has not broken the shell. After screening, the gap of the shell breaker is adjusted and the shell is broken once.


Features of the Almond sheller machine:

1)The operation is simple, meeting the needs of a variety of nuts.

3)Small footprint, easy to make up the production line

4)low broken rate and high shelling rate

5)convenient maintenance











Technology parameter of the Almond cracker machine:

Model Capacity power voltage Size weight
TZ-400 400kg/h 2.2kw 380v 2*1*1.45m



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